Best Cable Management Hacks For Moving

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When you are starting to think about moving, there are a ton of different factors to consider. These factors can include dealing with the logistics of moving all of your belongings from one place to another. They can be about figuring out the legal details of leaving one home and moving into another and they can be the details of figuring out how to actually pack up your things.

No matter if you are moving down the street or across the country moving is not easy and you will want to make sure that you are doing all you can to make it go as efficiently as possible. When taking the time to make sure you are moving in a way that is organized, you can help yourself to avoid compounding the stress of moving.

Here are some of the best hacks you can use when you are moving.

Saving Money via Cable Management

When you are moving saving money is going to need to be a priority. People can easily overspend when they are moving and this adds to the stress of moving. It is good to look for different ways to cut costs when it comes to moving.

Depending on how far you are moving, you may want to try and avoid renting a moving van. If possible, see if you can borrow a friend’s truck or try seeing how much you can get from one place to another in your own car. Moving vans can be costly and while it can be much more convenient it is not always the cheapest way to do it.

Another area to save money is in buying boxes. There are plenty of places where you can get free boxes for moving. Consider getting boxes from work, or asking other coworkers who have moved recently if you could use their old boxes. You can even go to your local market or grocery store and ask if they have any boxes they are going to throw away.

Organizing What You Have with Cable Ties and Wraps

When looking to move it is important to be strategic about how you are moving. Grouping similar items and labeling boxes helps so you know where everything is. Furthermore, there are many other options for organizing the items you have in your boxes.

For example, when it comes to cable management, rather than throwing all your cables in a box, taking the time to wrap them up with a cable tie, will help to keep your tech gear more organized and it will not be as much of a pain to unpack.

Utilizing cable ties and wraps is not just great for cable management though. They can be helpful in grouping many different items that you are taking with you. Not only that, but they can even be helpful when securing items down without damaging them like you can with a plastic tie.

It is also smart to consider color-coding boxes to know which area of the house they belong in without having to open them up. Find a box organizing system that works best for you and will help you know where things need to be.

Separating Things You Need Quick Access To with Cable Ties

When you are moving, things can start to get lost rather quickly. In order to avoid losing important items, consider having a box or a bag that will contain all the things that you will need quick access to. This will prevent you from having to sort through box after box in order to find clothes to wear or hair products or shoes.

Consider packing a suitcase with the things that you will need leading up to your moving day. When you finally arrive at your new place, you can just grab your suitcase and will not need to unpack your entire truck in order to get to your toothbrush.

Moving can feel a lot like camping and setting aside some time to prep and pack the things you know you will need can help to eliminate your stress even further.

Stay Calm and Breathe

Packing can be overwhelming there is no doubt about that. Between packing up dishware, wrapping up cables, and taking your clothes out of your closet, there are a lot of moving parts and it can be easy to overwhelm yourself.

It is important to take some time for yourself to be still and breathe. You need to be taking proper care of yourself in order to be able to effectively get done the things you need to get done. In addition to taking time to care for yourself, you will want to set yourself up for success by using techniques that can help you to be efficient so you are not wasting time.

From using hook and loop ties to secure your belongings to having a suitcase with all of your necessary items, planning ahead and working smarter can make moving less stressful for you.