Tips to Sell Your Home during the Holidays

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It can be difficult to sell your home during holidays. Agents may advise that you keep your home on the market as “you’ll know the potential buyers are serious.” While this may be true in certain areas, it is not the norm for all real estate agents. They want to see your home listed, regardless of when it’s time to sell. Agents won’t be able to sell your home if it’s not on the market. Houses available for Sale Blackburn. Petty Residential are the houses for sale blackburn with a huge range of houses available for purchase in Blackburn. Contact our office today to talk with us further about your requirements for property.

Trends in the Housing Market During the Holidays

Home sales have fallen in winter historically. This makes sense as many people travel, spend time with their families, and celebrate holidays. Real estate agents know this and can either follow the market or fight the trend. You should note that the holiday season is a buyer’s marketplace, which means that you will likely get fewer offers than usual and that your house may sell faster.

There are pros and cons to selling your home during the holidays


  • Lower competition than other sellers
  • Eager buyers
  • Shows require more time
  • A less-busy agent

Some sellers will insist that their home is not on the market during the holidays. This can be a great option in certain cases. However, it depends on local customs and what your neighbors are doing. Also, how other people in your neighborhood view holiday real estate activity. Each town is unique.

Lower competition: A lower inventory level means that other sellers have less competition. The holiday season may bring you more inventory, which can be a good thing.

Buyers eager to buy: A sudden change in one’s circumstances such as a job move or moving closer to a sick family member, could be the reason why someone is buying in winter. They are likely motivated to close the deal quickly.

Showings take up more time: People often take vacations or work during the holidays. It may be easier to schedule shows during the off-hours.

Agents who are less busy: There are fewer homes to sell, which means that agents have more time to focus on your sale. Your agent may be able to offer you a better deal if they aren’t away on vacation.


  • Low Offers
  • It is harder to keep your home looking great
  • There are fewer buyers searching
  • Lenders are slowing down because of holidays
  • It could be difficult to locate an agent

You should not keep your home up for sale during the holiday season. You may not have to face all these issues, but you should be prepared for anything that might happen with a holiday sale. And you will be happy if none of these negatives are true.

Low offers: First-time buyers may think they are desperate, despite not knowing better. You might be offered a low-ball offer by buyers who may try to negotiate with you.

It’s harder to maintain your home in good condition during the holidays. It is not easy to maintain a clean home when you are cooking, wrapping presents, or throwing parties. Outdoor curb appeal can be much more difficult to maintain in winter.

There are fewer buyers interested: Your home is appealing to a smaller number of buyers with specific needs.

Holidays slow down lenders: If the offer is made mid-month, it’s nearly impossible to close a financing transaction. Buyers looking to close in the New Year’s Eve will likely make offers in January.

It is possible to find a real estate agent more difficult than you think. Your agent might be away on vacation in December, or unavailable during a slowdown in the market. You might also need other real estate professionals.

Bring Back Holiday Decorations

This is the year to reduce the amount of decorations if you are going to put your home up for sale. Too many decorations can make your home look overwhelming and distracting. Do not assume that buyers will see past your decorations.

Your home will feel larger and more open if you reduce the amount of decorations. Buyers should be able to envision themselves putting their furniture in every room and making it their home. If your holiday decorations take over the space, they won’t be able to do this. You can also protect your privacy by avoiding personal decorations and family photos during home shows.