Why your aircon blowing hot air

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In Singapore, due to the humid environment, the warm air from the air conditioner can cause you problems. There may be many reasons for your air conditioner to blow hot air. This article will briefly discuss some common reasons for this for your reference. Knowing these reasons in advance not only saves you time, but also allows you to check for damage until a professionally cheap aircon service Singapore qualified technician arrives.

The reason why air conditioners blow warm air

Improper equipment maintenance: Due to the humid environment in Singapore, air conditioners will become uncomfortable at home at night after a busy working day. Therefore, proper aircon serviceis essential. If you find your air conditioner is blowing warm air, you should check the heat sink to see if it is straight and clean. Due to any other problems, the operating efficiency of your air conditioner will also be affected, so please pay attention to regular maintenance to make it work properly.

Limited airflow due to dirty air filters: In fact, your arc must give you unlimited airflow to maintain the temperature in your home properly. However, some dirty filters will block the flow of air to the air conditioning coil, thus affecting its normal operation. If it is used regularly every day, the filter should be replaced regularly every 1-2 months. Excessively clogged air conditioning filters will cause dust to get into the coils, which may be clogged by ice cubes after freezing.

Thermostat set to wrong mode: If you mistakenly set the thermostat to heating mode instead of cooling mode, you may find the air conditioner blows warm air. Even if it looks like a normal failure, you should check the thermostat settings first before contacting an air conditioning repair company.

Air conditioning compressor failure: The air conditioning compressor is a major component of its condensing device. It works outside of your home and helps control the refrigerant that flows into the refrigeration circuit through compression. If the work fails due to overheating, then you must replace it or repair it by a licensed professional who knows how to operate the air conditioner and cooler.

Improper operation of the condenser unit: The condenser unit in the air conditioner compresses the refrigerant into its coils to keep the system cool, but if it stops running smoothly, you may find your air conditioner blowing warm air. The reason for the obstruction of operation of this type of condensing unit is very simple, such as a tripping circuit breaker, and complicated as its weak condition. Therefore, after checking your circuit breaker, you should immediately contact a qualified professional to make sure it is correct.

Refrigerant leakage: If there is a needle hole in the pipe that contains refrigerant to the condensing device, you may also find your air conditioner blowing hot air. Leakage of refrigerant for any reason will affect its work.