Three Reasons to Pack Travel Style Underwear

Travel Style

Easily Cleaned and Fast Drying 
Anyone who’s done a lot of backpack travel knows that Laundromats aren’t exactly on every corner in many countries. Cold water and a bucket may be all you have. Quality travel underwear, such as the Exofficio series, is designed to be cold washed and quick dried. You can just rinse it in the sink, hang it over a chair and it’s ready to wear or pack in a few hours. The joy of newly cleaned, dry underwear when traveling can’t be underestimated.

Nothing like damp clothes and a dark warm backpack to build up odors and bacteria. And I’m not a big fan of placing fungus-filled fabric near my nether regions. Like Laundromats, jock itch and ring worm remedies are also not on every corner in remote Amazon villages. So the second big benefit of travel underwear is that most are treated with an antimicrobial shield that fights bacteria and odors between washings. If you have to stuff your undies in the bottom of your pack and travel for a few days, they will still be fresh when you pull them back out. And nothing can crimp a trip’s style more than a nice little fungal rash down below. Eliminate the risk.