Studying in South Korea: How to find an apartment using Ziptoss’ Rental Service


You’ve been accepted by a Korean University! The tuition is already paid, so you only need to apply for a Visa, join an international student group, and buy a plane ticket to South Korea. Once you arrive, you finally arrive at the university and meet new friends… but where are you going to stay? No dorm rooms? Don’t want to live with other people and have your own privacy? We’re here to help you out! Ziptoss is a real estate agency that can directly show Seoul apartments for students that are meant for your needs.

Then where do I find the perfect place for me?

What’s important is finding cheap apartments in Seoul for students which would fit your lifestyle. Let’s start by knowing what your budget should be allotted for. In owning a particular place of your choice, there are many factors that are to be considered, for starters, your security deposit. By knowing the price you’re willing to pay initially for it, you’ll be able to better foresee and allot your expenses in the following factor, which is if you choose to pay rent monthly or in full.

Now that you’ve got your basic house expenses down, let’s take a look at your maintenance and amenity fees. Of course, you wouldn’t want a messy household. In owning a particular property, keeping every corner of your place clean and neat at all times is a must for both hygienic and visual purposes, this leads us to the next factor which is space & size. Whether you’re a minimalist or someone who likes to live a life in a big place, in owning a particular space, knowing the space which caters to your needs and wants as a person is definitely important. Lastly, this is actually not in the contents of your place, nevertheless, this last factor is crucial in your journey to find the right place for you, which is your property’s surroundings. Is the neighborhood safe? Can I get what I need nearby? Are the streets in the neighborhood clean?

Having the answers to these questions will ultimately give you your final call in choosing your own comfort zone. But how do I find all of this information through ZIPTOSS? Well, here are six easy steps:

  1. Enter the Ziptoss Official Website:
  1. On the homepage, you will see a search bar. Enter the address(city or district) on the search bar. A prompt will appear and will give you an option to choose either for long-term(12 or more months) or short-term(less than 12 months) renting.
  1. After entering the map: On the map, you’ll see the number of listings in each specified

range, click the number of listings to lock in the range.

  1. Click “More Options” in the upper right corner of the listing bar, you can filter the listings to meet your preferences under the search criteria. For example, If you’re looking for Seoul loft apartments for rent, or a studio apartment.
  1. Click on the photo of the house on the right for the details.
  1. Check the specific information about the apartment if it’s suitable for you.

Commitment to Information Transparency: All photos are personally taken by Ziptoss, which includes the address, price, area, facilities, floors, and management fees, very detail and information is confirmed by the owner as well.

Still don’t understand the trend of renting in South Korea? You can consult with our customer

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Need personal assistance in finding the perfect space?

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