Stepping Out on the Town: Slim Fit Style

Fitness Style

When going out for the evening, or to a wedding or party, everybody should look the part. Men tend to put on the first smart-looking top and trousers they find, whereas women prefer to colour-coordinate, take their time and take care of themselves. Now, men can do the exact same with one simple thing – a slim fit shirt.

There could be nothing worse than a shirt that hangs loose around your arms or your waist, which makes it look twice your size. A slim fit shirt is ideal for that perfect fit which is close to the skin but doesn’t have to be tight to it. Men will look sharp stood up and suave when sat down and just overall look very smart and professional. There are many different styles for each and every man.

If you are a man who prefers a plain shirt but still want to look sophisticated, then there’s a shirt just for you. The tailored-fit fabric will surround your arms and torso but not too much to cause tightness. The smooth, sleek and silky material will caress your skin and make you feel like a gentleman.

Act Casual: Look Formal

For the more formal occasion, you can have a slim fit shirt to put your cuff links with. A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without a beautiful bride and groom but also the comfort of your own suit, including your perfect-sized shirt.


If you’re a fan of fashion, patterns or just love colourful clothing, maybe a checked shirt might be more your type. The multi-coloured or singular coloured shirts will add vibrancy to your wardrobe and add a sparkle to you as a person. If you prefer the more traditional and professional style, then a striped shirt is perfect for your educational or professional needs. Fashion moguls say that stripes alternate a man’s broadness or height but with a slim fit shirt the only thing you’ll look is amazing.

Wearing a nice, stylish, professional shirt to work is one of the best ways to look the part in your workplace and even impress your superiors. You will be seen as a hard-working, efficient member of your company and could rise up the ranks. If you’re unemployed, a smart shirt at a job interview, along with your likable personality, will give you a better chance of getting the job. Looking smart will always give you an advantage personally, because you’ll like the way you look but also socially. To your social group you will be seen as smart yet sleek, and to be in with the fashion is always a way of sparking conversation with new people.