Should You Move to Binh Thanh?


The short answer is that, yes, you should probably move to Binh Thanh. It is a booming industrial area full of business, culture, and tourism opportunities. A fairly large district of Ho Chi Minh city in southeast Vietnam, Binh Thanh is the area of the capital city with some of the newest development and infrastructure. Several luxury hotels and accommodations have arisen in the district recently.

A Quick History of Ho Chi Minh City

As with most very old cities, Ho Chi Minh City began as a fishing village. Though it was very likely called “Forest City,” no one is quite sure, as records from this time period are very unreliable. In fact, it wasn’t terribly significant until the 1700s or so. The people of the area at the time were split into several different ethnic groups. The Vietnamese and the Khmer were two of the biggest ethnic groups. The Khmer people controlled present-day Ho Chi Minh City, and were isolated to the southeast part of present-day Vietnam.

The city was eventually taken over by the Vietnamese. So, at that point in the 18th century, Ho Chi Minh City had two distinct cultures that combined very rapidly. In the mid-19th century, French and Spanish colonialists conquered the city at different points. They left strong French and Spanish influences on the social mores, the culture, the food, and the architecture—essentially every part of the city. Vietnamese separatists eventually declared their independence in 1945, with Ho Chi Minh leading the push for freedom. In 1949, Ho Chi Minh City was known as Saigon and was made into the capital of southern Vietnam. For about twenty-five years, northern and southern Vietnam were separate entities. Anyone who has lived somewhere for a while knows that twenty-five years can make a world of difference. When they recombined in the mid-1970s, two cultures were essentially combining.

Opportunities in Binh Thanh and Ho Chi Minh City

There is an incredible amount of real estate for sale in Binh Thanh and other parts of Ho Chi Minh City. Binh Thanh is considered one of the best parts of the city in which to live. Many different people base their businesses out of the city.

It is also an incredibly diverse city; from the influence of the Khmer people to the Vietnamese, many different cultures grew up there. The influence of the French, Spanish, and Japanese colonialists also thoroughly contributed to much of the Vietnamese culture. Finally, the culture really expanded when northern and southern Vietnam reunited. Moving to an area such as Binh Thanh opens up a world of opportunities since so many influences collide in the central district.

The amenities available in Binh Thanh rival just about any city district anywhere in the world. It is incredibly culturally diverse as well as fast growing. The workforce is eager and capable, the cost of living is low, and the political climate is very business friendly. Whether you’re trying to move there for business, pleasure, or a mix of both, you can’t go wrong. It’s a great place to live a life that’s less expensive than somewhere in the west.