Residential & Commercial Upholstery Servicers in Dubai

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Upholstery is the process of working with furniture providing it repuholstery sofa webbing, padding foam and dacron, springs, fabric and leather, and covers. This process started in the middle ages and grew in popularity during the 17th century. It provides softness to your furniture seats and gives you comfort when you sit on any upholstered furniture. It is a fine work of art with quality details. Nowadays, the process of sofa upholstery is modified from the early methods, but still, some of the materials are used according to early predecessors such as leather, linen, or springs. However, Dacron, cotton padding, faux leather, and foam are the modifications in the upholstery process. It will make your furniture comfortable and stylish, and you can also enjoy a siesta (short nap taken in the early afternoon).

Upholstery is divided into different types according to the particular field. The following are three types of upholstery.


Residential Upholstery Dubai

This type of upholstery usually refers to traditional and domestic upholstery and is mostly used in residential places. Residential items such as chairs, sofas, cushions, dining seats or kitchen seats, and bench seats may get benefits from the residential Upholstery Dubai. If you want to upgrade your furniture, you can call our residential upholsterers that will discuss your styles and suggest your preferences and needs with consideration of the durability of your piece of furniture. If you have a unique and creative idea about upholstery and want to shape your furniture according to your taste and specific needs, you can also share this with our upholstered. He will update your furniture according to your home design and matching schemes. The process of upholstery will not only give you comfort but also lengthen the lifespan of your precious and expensive piece of furniture.

Commercial Upholstery Dubai

As by name, commercial upholstery refers to outdoor services such as hospitals, health and fitness centers, government institutes, and educational facilities. Unlike residential upholstery, it often entails working with an entire set of furniture. It may be restaurant seatings, office furniture, waiting room, lobby area furniture, and Industry Outdoor seatings. Its benefits are not only bound to durability, but it also supports local businesses by the upholstering of old non-upholstered furniture and prevents the cost of new furniture. If you want commercial upholstery services, you can call our expert upholsterers and can enjoy their benefits.

Marine Upholstery 

The marine upholstery refers to special services to yachts and other boats of all kinds. The marine upholstery is different and challenging from other types of upholstery, such as residential and commercial upholstery because yachts and boats are mostly exposed to moisture and sunlight, where the chances of wear and tear increase. So, to come up with all the challenges, upholsterers must choose unique fabrics and materials that are mold-resistant, scratch-resistant, and durable. Marine upholstery consists of both interior and exterior furniture of the boat, such as couches, chairs, Built-in settees, curtains, covers, and so on. If you have yachts or boats and want to upgrade your comfort level with upholstered furniture, you can contact our marine upholsterers, and they will provide you a professional Sofa Upholstery Service in Dubai.