How to get the right size “plumbing escutcheon”


Is your plumbing escutcheon rusted and in desperate need of repair? Are you looking for new escutcheons that match the size of your new kitchen or bathroom renovation pipe? You need to know how to choose the right size for your needs. We are Mr. Rooter Plumbing in Youngstown and we offer quality commercial and residential services, including new pipe installation and replacement of plumbing fixtures. These are some ways to choose the right size pipe for your next plumbing maintenance job.

What is a Plumbing Escutcheon and how do you get one?

An escutcheon refers to the cover plate or flange used to cover holes in walls after fitting pipes and fixtures. These are located around the arm of your showerhead faucets, under sink pipes, and near the shutoff valve for the toilet. They may be replaced by the homeowner. Sometimes, the escutcheon is damaged or rusted. Sometimes, the escutcheon is damaged or rusted. In these cases, a new pipe or fixture may be installed. The current cover plate will not fit.

An escutcheon, pronounced “ess-kutch” on the syllable, is the metal piece that covers the hole through which your plumbing pipes will pass. You can also call them cover plates or “flanges”. You can find an escutcheon anywhere in your home. You can find them in many places around your home. They are around your shower arm (where the shower head attaches), under your sinks, where the drain and water lines run through the wall, as well as under your toilet, where you shut off your toilet. If they are only there for aesthetic purposes, what’s the point in replacing them? If they are meant to cover ugly holes and be decorative, but are instead rusty or missing from their intended purpose, they will not serve their purpose.

What is the point of getting the right size?

Although the escutcheon serves a decorative purpose, it is important to ensure that it fits flush with your fixture or pipe. You will have to return to the hardware store to get a replacement if it is too small. It’s not a good idea to get one that’s too large. This will make your new hardware look less attractive.

Measurement tips

It seems easy to choose the right size. A 1″ pipe will require a 1” Plumbing Escutcheon. Different materials may have different internal dimensions. However, they will have different thicknesses. A 1″ copper pipe might require a different size escutcheon from a 1” galvanized steel tube. Measure the outside diameter of your pipe carefully to ensure it fits the material. You can ask a local hardware store or professional plumber for assistance if you are unsure.