Parenting Tips: Guiding Your Child in a Career Direction

Career Style

Parenting tips on guiding your child in a career direction when your child is still young are few and far between. How to know what future career or careers most accurately match your child’s personality as well as the talents evidenced at school?

Recently there is help coming from a new direction. In the last few years more psychologists, psychotherapists and vocational counselors are making use of certain aspects of an astrological chart to assist parents in child and teen career guidance.

As Robert Hand, author and a pioneer in new techniques of astrology reports, many people shun astrology as quackery and have no idea of the useful wealth of information embedded in a horoscope.

Energy Career Chart

Known as a personalized energy career chart, this new personality tool is a psychological derivative of an in-depth, professionally cast astrological chart. Stripped of the dubious predictive elements usually associated with an astrological chart, an energy chart gives a surprisingly detailed in-depth picture of a child’s innate personality trends and how they might develop in adulthood.

Contrary to other personality tests, where results are based on answers given by the child, an energy chart bypasses a child’s limited view of who he or she is and what future work might be most desirable. What it targets is the true day-to-day and long-term needs plus the innate expressive styles of the child in question.