No One Thinks About Fence Installation Until Their Neighbors Do It

Home Improvement

Your neighbor’s fence can serve a multitude of purposes for even your property and its surroundings. Fences are both fashionable and practical additions to a property. When choosing what kind of fence installation is best for you, consider the following factors: privacy, security, and landscape enhancement. Fence Installation may improve the aesthetic of you and your neighbor’s home but it will only provide security to yours.

Gates and fences serve as decorative features while also keeping trespassers out and keeping children and pets safe. It keeps pets or children inside as well as keeps unpleasant animals out. The one key factor everyone loves and that is it gives homeowners solitude even in a community where there are neighbors nearby.

Because fences come in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials, picking the perfect one to complement your house and lifestyle is very possible to do on a budget.

Do Fences Add or Subtract Value?

Appraisal expert Leslie Sellers advises homeowners to “be careful where and how you use a fence. In higher-end homes, unless there is a real need for a fence, whether it’s to shield highway noise or a railroad for example, stay away from it,” he says.

When you compare material to construction expenditures, a fence does not add as much value to a home. Only if there is a genuine need for such an exterior building will it add value to the home.

Expert Tips on Fence Installation

  • Fencing on a Budget: Because of its low cost and ease of installation, chain link fence installation was by far the popular choice years ago. Although some people consider chain link fences to be unattractive, one can use landscaping tricks to bring a chain link fence to life while also providing privacy.
  • In the Middle: Treated pine, oak, redwood, cedar, or cypress are common wood fence materials. The plus to wood fence installation is that materials are relatively inexpensive. Because they are made from wood, they can be used as a privacy fence. Some people say they are great for dividing property into sections. The drawback is that wood fences are less durable and require a lot of maintenance due to their susceptibility to termites and rot.

●     Wrought Iron Fence: Iron fences survive longer than aluminum or steel fences, but the extra durability comes at a cost. Wrought iron fences range in price from $30 to $55 per linear foot or more. Fence installation costs may rise if adding several corners or gates.

  • High-End: Vinyl fencing is more expensive than other options, but it is incredibly sturdy and will last for many years. Vinyl fences, unlike other types of fences, are virtually maintenance-free and do not require annual maintenance. The upfront cost of a vinyl fence is offset by its long-term, worry-free durability.

Fence Installation Trends

Installing a fence may improve the aesthetic of you and your neighbor’s home but depending on what style fence you install, it will only provide certain features to yours.

With a ‘nice neighbor fence’, you may have a clear view of your yard and home. This fence is not meant for security. A waist-high fence, such as a picket fence, is the perfect accent to your home’s beautiful exterior.

Because it effectively defines property boundaries, attracts the eye through additional planting, and improves the look and feel of the home’s exterior, this sort of fence installation is rising to the top again in popular choices. You may want a land surveyor to define your borders before fence installation on your property.

A live fence is formed using landscaping hacks such as trees like Leyland Cypress and White Pine. It doesn’t take them long to grow tall, maybe a foot or more each year. Live fences are more enjoyable to maintain than traditional fences. The color, texture, and privacy they provide might be appealing to potential property buyers.