No Income Verification Loans for Small Business Owners and Self Employed


Small business owners and self-employed borrowers find it quite challenging to fulfill requirements of a traditional loan. Most self-employed and small business owners can’t satisfy the criteria for traditional loans when it comes to verifying their income and ability to pay the loan on a regular basis.

If you self-employed or a small business owner and are looking forward to buying a house but are having these problems then is here to help you. We could be the answer you are looking for if you would like to apply for no income verification loan. offers stated income loans to get you back on track. We are here to provide assistance if you are looking to buy or refinance a house. Borrowers can be approved stated home loans of up to 3 million.

The economy is continuously improving and more loan options are becoming available. One of the options you have is the stated income loans. These no income verification loans, are available without the strict underwriting requirements of a conventional loan. These are ideal for the small business owner and self-employed looking forward to get a higher loanable amount.

A credit score of at least 600 has made it easy for you including small business owners and self-employed borrowers. Borrowers can now enjoy stated income loans of up to 3 million. With the qualifications for the stated income loans are very straightforward: 30% equity or 30% down, non-owner occupied, and a FICO credit score over 600. If you want to qualify for a purchase or refinance, a agent can tell you right away what you will need.

Now small business owners and self-employed borrowers have an alternative to traditional loans. makes it very easy. You only need to have a FICO credit score of 600 or more. offers stated home loans for non-owner occupied properties up to 4 units, with loan limits up to $3 million. With no income verification loan at, you won’t need to verify your income. loan agents know how to get you approved quickly and easily. With a stated income loan, the approval process is streamlined. will provide answers to your problems. We are a mortgage loan company and we approve stated loans for clients that want to buy houses. Call now to talk to an agent about getting a stated income loans. can get you approved quickly and easily. offers pre-approvals on the first call and fully underwritten approvals within 72 hours. That’s how fast and easy it can be. So what are you waiting for/ Dial our number now! Call (818) 208-1769 and get your loan approved.