Motor Scooter – Style of Scooters

Sports Style

Motor Scooter – Style of Scooters

A motor scooter can be divided into four types of models: Sport, Classic, Maxi, or Vintage. Whatever style and/or model you choose is dependent upon your needs and lifestyle choice.

The sport style of motor scooters began in the early 1980 when Yamaha and Honda designed a motor scooter with sharper lines and fiberglass moldings. 
in early 1990 the scooter manufacturer’s attempted to emulate the “Crotch Rocket.” Now nearly every motor scooter manufacturer offers a “Sport” model of scooter.


As the name implies, the classic motor scooter is what is traditionally thought of as being a motor scooter. Think of the Vespa that Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck rode in the 1950 movie classic Roman Holiday. The classic scooter is characterized by having a scooped front leg, shield with a round light on top, rear fenders that are rounded and a single cylinder engine. The retro model of motor scooters can be found in nearly all modern scooters.


The maximum or maxi scooter is a scooter in name only. These motor scooters are built for performance and can reach speeds of over 100 mph. An example, of a classic model would be the Suzuki Bergman or the Honda Silverwing.


As the name implies, the vintage style of motor scooters are classic scooters. They are typically more than 15 years old. Examples of this classic style would be the Cushman of the 1950s and Vespa of 1960. In 1960, Harley Davidson even manufactured a motor scooter. A vintage scooter though is not for the novice as a vintage scooter may have it’s share of maintenance problems. However, for absolute style points a vintage scooter can not be beat.