6 Amazing Wonders of The “Lodhi Garden”


Lodhi Garden

1. Standing Tall: Bada Gumbad Complex

The Bada Gumbad’s backside is what you will see when you arrive at the parking lot. To reach the entrance on its opposite side, Lodhi Garden take a walk around it. On its left, you’ll see a mosque and a tomb. This structure was built during Sikander Lodi’s reign and is considered one of the best examples of Lodi architecture. You can still see the intricate designs of the original structures today. It is very impressive to see the beautiful writing on the gates.

2. Sheesh Gumbad: Not Too Blue

The Sheesh Gumbad is located right next to the Bada Gumbad Complex. It was also built in the Lodi period and bears striking similarities Lodhi Garden to the Bada Gumbad’s style of architecture. However, most of the blue tiles were destroyed by time, so very few remain. Many graves were found inside, suggesting that they may belong to the same family. However, it is still a mystery who lies here.

3. Sikander Lodi’s Tomb at the Holding Fort

The largest structure in this garden is located further ahead, at 150m. Sikander Lodi is found here. As you move around the elaborate enclosure, it feels as if you are in a different time zone. There are two entrances to the enclosure, one of which is locked and chained for many years. Although the stairs leading to the second entrance are not very numerous, they are steep and quite steep. On your left is a garden, which has an octagonal grave.

4. Very Private: The Tomb of Muhammad Shah Sayyid

You will soon find the tomb in a quiet part of the garden if you turn left from the Bada Gumbad/Sheesh Gumbad path. It is one Lodhi Garden of the few remaining monuments of the Sayyid Dynasty. It’s clean and appears to have suffered the least of all the damage.

5. The Tiny Tower Turret Lodhi Garden

This tiny tower is perched east of Bada Gumbad. It’s located right next to an exit. It appears to have a room with a window at the top. Although it could have been used as a watch tower or for other purposes, others believe it was constructed for decorative purposes.

6. Two Mosques Hidden by Trees

You can see two mosques as you move towards the lake from the turret. They are well hidden behind trees so they may not be easy to find Lodhi Garden.They are quite close together. The one is white while the other has a more brownish hue. One side has stairs leading to the first floor. In the middle of this floor is an old locked chest.