Kokichi Ouma: Bio


Kokichi Ouma is an undergraduate at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles. He also participates in the Killing School Semester featured on Danganronpa V3 – Killing Harmony. His title is Ultimate Supreme Leader lit. Super High School Level Supreme Leadership

Kokichi Oma was a talented but average high school boy who took part in the 53rd season of Danganronpa. This is a well-known reality show that has been broadcast worldwide by Team Danganronpa.

Kokichi Ouma attended Imperial Capital High School during his high school years. It is not clear if the memory of Kokichi Ouma was faked or genuine.

Fabricated Past

After participating in the 53rd Killing Game successfully, Kokichi’s past and memories were created by Team Danganronpa.

Due to Kokichi’s constant lies and his refusal to disclose any personal information about himself, it is difficult to know much about Kokichi’s past. His love for video games is all that’s known about his past. He has been playing them since childhood. He also claims that no one would notice if he died, and that he doesn’t have any parents or relatives.

He is known to be the leader of D.I.C.E. which is a small group made up of young pranksters. They are his closest friends and most important. They’ve traveled the globe and committed “laughable crimes” as a way to have fun. This could suggest that they are orphans without parents or families. Kokichi can also steal, which could be due to his history. It has been suggested that many of his skills resemble a petty criminal. His organization could also be a reference the animated television series D.I.C.E. (DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises), a story about a child-run organization, specifically an orphanage.

Explore the rest of the Academy

The second floor, which leads to the third floor, would be one of the areas that would remain unlocked. Maki Harukawa’s, Ultimate Child Caregiver’s Research Lab, was located on the third floor. Shuichi was confused when Maki refused to allow Kokichi Ouma in. Kokichi was suspicious of Maki’s behavior and, while he could not investigate immediately, would take mental note and speculate that Maki was concealing her true identity to the rest of the group.

Angie finally told Kokichi that everyone should meet in the gymnasium. She seemed to have failed in her search for the conspicuous flashlight Shuichi and she had found earlier. Monokuma, who appeared after everyone had assembled, explained that the Flashback Light could restore lost memories and allowed them to decide what they would do with it. Although they were initially skeptical, everyone eventually accepted it and used it. This allowed Kokichi, as well as everyone else, to recall that they had been on a run from the “Ultimate Hunt”. Although they couldn’t recall the details or the circumstances, they did remember that they were on the run

Danganronpa V3 CG  Commemorative Medal Set Scene.png

In Chapter 2, Kokichi Ouma and Miu join Shuichi, Korekiyo, Ryoma Hashi, and Shuichi in a bonus scene. They are looking to play a secret game using the Monomono machine’s medal. Monokuma appears and says that Shuichi never claimed such a thing and that the Monokuma Kubs medal he had was a knickknack. Kaito also showed up, and everyone was roped into a competition for gambling. Kokichi was amazed at Ryoma’s ability to gamble, and beat Kaito every single time.

The Motive Videos Kokichi Ouma

The Monokuma Kubs made the second motive that night and distributed various videos to students while they slept. Kokichi met everyone the next morning in the dining room to discuss the use of the motive videos. Ryoma suggested that they swap them in order to find the most important person in their lives. However, everyone rejected the idea because it could lead to another murder, much to Ryoma’s annoyance. Kokichi agreed to whatever was decided by everyone, but secretly, he had ulterior motives. He lied about a promise he had made to Gonta and they met alone.

Gonta’s Insect Meet and Greet Kokichi Ouma

Kokichi wanted everyone to watch their motive videos to make the killing more exciting, so he came up with a plan. Gonta was shocked when he told him that all the students hate bugs. Gonta was shocked to hear this and decided that he would make everyone like insects in an “Insect Meet & Greet”. Gonta then began to kidnap students in his lab two days after the motivation videos were distributed. He was unaware of the true motives of the Ultimate Supreme Leader.

Danganronpa V3 CG Kokichi Oma waking up Shuichi Saihara.png

Gonta would be able to detain Tenko Chabashira the Ultimate Aikido Master Korekiyo K1-B0 and Tsumugi much more to Kokichi’s delight. Shuichi is also taken into custody by the Ultimate Entomologist. He later apologized for inadvertently knocking him unconscious and continues his kidnapping spree. Kokichi smiled at him as he woke in Gonta’s lab. He told everyone about his plan to get everyone to view their motive videos to anger and exasperate the students. Kokichi fled after Gonta kidnapped Angie Yonaga, The Ultimate Artist, as well as Himiko Yumeno the Ultimate Magician.

Kokichi would break into the rooms of everyone using his lock picking abilities to steal their motive videos. Kirumi stopped Kokichi Ouma before he could do so. She seemed almost to defensively question the Ultimate Supreme Leader and asked him what he was doing. Kirumi would keep Kokichi for an entire hour. She would chastise him for the first 30 minutes and force her to play tag for the final half hour. Kirumi resentfully criticized his actions before finally letting him go. Kokichi went into each dorm room to retrieve the motive videos. He was also able to spot a woman running through the courtyard wearing her underwear. Later, it turned out to be Miu, who had removed her clothes to keep Gonta from her. Kokichi told Ryoma about his motive video at some point.