Ibuki Mioda: Bio


I want to be able to share my passion for music with someone I can trust… This has always been Ibuki Mida’s dream. Ibuki Mioda believes that believing in your dreams is the first step to achieving them.

Ibuki Mioda, a Hope’s Peak Academy student in Class 77-B is a participant in the Killing School Trip featured on Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair. Her title is Ultimate Musikian (Super High School Level, Light Music Club Member).

Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak high school features her and Class 77-B. This film explores their school lives leading up to The Tragedy. This is why ibuki mida, Hiyoko and Mikan, as well as all those who died in Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair, are still around.

She is voiced in both the Japanese and English versions by Ami Koshimizu.

Ami Koshimizu voices ibuki mioda in the Japanese anime and Brina Palencia voice it in the English version.

Ibuki Mioda Appearance

Ibuki is a young woman in early twenties. She is 22 years old at her youngest. In the Neo World Program, her virtual avatar was her 17-year-old self.

She is a pale, pink-eyed girl with long, multi-coloured locks that include black, pink and blue as well as white. Some of it is tied to two uni horns at the top of her head.

Ibuki wears a style of clothing very different from what you would expect a Light Music Club member to wear. A sailor uniform is worn by Ibuki. It has a black pleated skirt, ripped thigh highs and a pink pleated skirt (the right one being blue). Six needle earrings are on her ears and an earlobe gauge. Black nail polish is also a part of her look. She has three piercings on the left side. A black scrunchy necklace with a stitch-like design on her right wrist, and a black and pink glove-like sleeve with her left upper arm, with a silver bracelet, and three silver rings on the left, are her accessories. Her shoes are white with pink and blue shoelaces on her right shoe, and the one on her left.

Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair has a scar tattoo on her left thigh. This tattoo is not present in Danganronpa 3 – The End of Hope’s Secondary School.

Ibuki, a member from Ultimate Despair has the same hair as her, but her clothes have more black. She has a spiked collar, and appears to have more piercings.

Hope’s Peak Academy enrolled her in a white button-up dress shirt with pink tie. She wore a black pleated skirt and a thin belt with a thick black skirt. The same necklace and shoes were worn by her.

Personality Ibuki Mioda

Initially, ibuki mioda looks quite strange due to its bold personality and unusual appearance. She is the most positive person among her classmates.

Although she is energetic and loves talking, almost all the time, she ends up on unrelated, bizarre tangents. She is quick to forget things so she writes memos to help. But even these are often useless.

Ibuki is very eccentric. She loves doing all sorts of strange things. She is known for breaking fourth walls. Ibuki mioda has a tendency to get upset and say things twice when she is angry. When she panics, she will scream and froth at her mouth. She enjoys panicking even when there isn’t any danger, such as when she watches horror movies or goes into haunted houses.

According to the official art book, Ibuki loves cute girls and is often seen admiring other girls during the game. Although she can be flirty with both boys and girls, she is often just laughing. She states in the Island Mode that there are “more important things in life than a temporary relationship”. This is a serious conversation. It seems she has little interest in a romantic partner. It is implied that she would rather have a deep, platonic relationship with a person she considers her “soulmate”, as opposed to a romantic one. She implies that she’s experienced despair with other people but that finding her “destined one”, would ensure that she never feels despair again.

Despite her quirkiness, Ibuki is a remarkablely thoughtful and contemplative person. In her last Free Time Events, she gave Hajime Hinata some advice about being herself. Although she can sometimes seem a little insensitive, Ibuki is actually a caring friend. She spends all her Free Time Events helping Hajime to find his identity and memories. She is a strong believer in individuality. This contrasts with her Gullible Disorder, which renders her unable to make decisions on her own and reduces her quirky quirks.

Ibuki frequently refers to herself as third person. She calls everyone by their first names with the honorific “-chan” in the Japanese original release. Ibuki uses the third person in English, but not as often.

Talent Ultimate Musician

Hope’s Peak Academy was her first experience with ibuki mioda. One of her songs reached the top of the charts and became one of the most-charted singles in America. She quit the club later on due to creative differences. A talent scout scouted her and she refused to play pop music. Instead, she said she would prefer to play heavy metal. She is reputed to be able to play both bass and drums simultaneously on her guitar, which has helped her rise in fame. She is also an accomplished songwriter. Her singles include her hit single and her own repertoire. People might be shocked or even unconscious when they hear her first song. It is because it has a different rhythm to her upbeat personality.

Abilities Costume Maker

Ibuki can make her own stage costumes, as sewing is only a minor necessity for those who join a band. Because she puts so much effort into her clothes, they are more than just a commercial product. As a result, every piece of clothing she wears is unique and different from others.

Enhanced Hearing

Ibuki is the Ultimate Musician. She has extraordinary hearing. She can tell, even in total darkness, who the voices belong to and which order they were spoken. Most people are impressed by this ability.