How to write an essay about violence


Violence is the use of force to cause injury, physical pain and emotional distress to the direct victims of those who witness it.  Violent acts also contribute to damage of property.

The suffering and fear that it causes make writing an essay about violence to be a serious affair because it is a delicate subject. You must put much thought into how to write an essay about violence.  It is an unfortunate concept of human existence hence a writer must discuss it in an intellectual manner that reflects its destructive nature.

It is one of the subjects that you would like to write as an editorial by presenting facts in a report form in the third person. An essay on violence should be factual with minimal or no personal views.

These steps will help you to write essay on violence from an intellectual view with much tact.

  1. Research on the definition and varying types of violence

Violence as a behavior involving physical force to hurt somebody or something is a basic definition, but there are other subtle distinctions.  These are the issues to pursue because the first definition alone cannot fill a page. Research on best book review writing services different meanings and use them to narrow down to your essay topic.  You can, for instance, write about domestic, gang or mental causes. You may also discuss the causes or solutions.

  1. Brainstorm ideas

Take the ideas from your research and decide the angle from which you will write.  Start recording the thoughts on paper to prevent forgetting some.  Use your points to make connections between your experience and the findings from your research. Move to the next stage after getting great terms for your assignment.

  1. Define the most appropriate structure

The standard structure for essay writing is that which organizes points in an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. You can begin by organizing defining the thesis statement to determine the direction of arguments or the impression that facts from research create.  At this point, you can free write your ideas so as put down the ideas without interrupting the train of thought.

  1. Organize the ideas

Start to organize your thought coherently now that you have plenty of ideas and angle that your essay will take. This outline will help you to organize thoughts coherently.

Introduction: Presents background information on the topic as reads my know much about violence but not the angle and views you make about the subject.  Introduce the argument briefly as an overview and include a thesis statement to state your position on the matter at the end of your introduction.

Body paragraphs: Present your arguments with explanations on your stand and provide evidence to support the topic sentence which is the first at the beginning of a paragraph. Al the body paragraphs follows a similar structure, but each should have its idea. A concluding sentence that links to the next section should be at the end of each.

Conclusion: A conclusion summarizes the main points in the body and restates the position.

 Read your essay to ensure that it is clear, concise and adheres to assignment criteria. Polish and revise anything that is out of order for the piece to be in the best state.