How to write a 1000 word essay


An essay is a short composition with one subject, and most of them do not exceed 650 words.   Writing a 1000 word essay might seem long n but can be simple when you have enough ideas to write on the topic. At times you may have much to say about an issue that the 100 words suddenly seem to be too few for your piece.

The essential point is to write content that gets the attention of your readers, provide strong arguments to support your idea and include buy literature review online the counterarguments to create a balance.  All the ideas should have a logical connection to show a clear stand on the discussion. It should also be well-organized in the appropriate structure that increases readability.

 Begin by free writing

 A useful tip on how to write a 1000 word essay is to begin without thinking about word count until you reach a logical conclusion. Writing without worrying about the number of words helps you touch on the most critical points.     Revise your paper carefully after writing while highlighting the most important for your essay and marking down the unnecessary parts.

Use the most relevant content to write the shorter version of the essay. The process may seem to consume more time, but it helps to identify the best points find inconsistencies and generate a better quality shorter version before you even reach the revision stage. You can organize a 1000 word essay in these 5 paragraphs although you can increase them to eight when you have more ideas to communicate, and each deserves its paragraph.

Introduction 100-200 words

 An introduction is the opening of your essay where you inform the reader about the purpose of your piece and provide short background information on the subject. The first sentence should be an attention grabber to hook the reader. Finish the introduction with an engaging thesis statement that summarizes the discussion in the other paragraphs in a few words.

Body paragraphs 500-750 words 

 The body presents all the arguments and supporting evidence in three paragraphs of around 200 words each but they can be longer depending on the issue you are discussing.

Each paragraph should present the following:

  • Topic sentence-presents the principal point of the whole paragraph
  • Argument
  • Evidence to prove the validity of the argument
  • A concluding statement to summarize and explain the significance of your argument. It is also a transition to the next paragraph.

 The paragraphs can have different numbers of words as evidence to sustain the arguments is not equal.

Conclusion 50-200 words

The conclusion should summarize the points that the paper discusses and restates all the points but in different words. In short, it rephrases the thesis statement.  The last sentence should be the overall concluding statement of the composition.

 Clarity is an essential part of how to write a 1000 word essay. Use short sentences that readers can comprehend quickly. Separate the long sentences with brief, clear sentences with sound convincing arguments.   The entire piece should be consistent in discussing one subject without changing the line of discussion or language, for instance from American to British English.