How to Decorate a Patio

Home Improvement

Furnishing and decorating a patio is a real art. Whether you’re choosing the pillows, rugs, or seating options, it’s important to keep weather in mind. Your task is to find the furniture that will nicely fit with the rest of the elements. Don’t be scared to buy decor in different patterns and mixed pints. We generally recommend listening to your gust and taste, since the outdoor seating area is your space, and you should feel most comfortable when seating there. 

If you have a small patio or a large veranda, we hope the next tips will help you in planning and decorating your space. 

First of all, plan the design around your personal style, outdoor space will become a friendly cohesive environment. You should make the outdoor space as comfortable as your indoors. For example, you can bring the outdoor rugs out, to create a space that all the guests will love. You can also place your indoor furniture and accessories to the outside since you want your garden to be the extension of your living room. Designers suggest adding some personal touch, such as framed photos, throw blankets draped over chairs, lanterns, votives, or patio greenery. 

Don’t be scared to refrain from buying the set of furniture. Try to pick the pieces that you like, and use different fabrics in design, just as you would do at your home. Experience with colors! We suggest using a brightly-colored chair with a colored printed umbrella or placing different pillows with unique patterns and accents. Such a unique mix of hues, materials, and styles will make your outdoor space very personal. 

Doesn’t matter whether you have a 5-acre estate, or neighbors who live just across the street, having outdoor curtains is a great idea. They will ensure the shade on the sunny hot days and provide you privacy when you need it. You can mimic the indoor design of your place, and make the patio feel like another room. As mentioned above, the curtains will create a feeling of a semi-closed space. This way your patio will become an intimate sanctuary, where you and your guest will always have a great time outdoors. 

The terrace should be a relaxing place, therefore do not forget about the roof or the construction of an additional shed that will save you from the summer heat or rain. Create a space where you can sunbathe, drink tea in the morning, and just enjoy your leisure.