How Can You Install The LED Strip Lights?

Home Improvement

The LED Strip Lights are rapidly replacing the older luminous lights as the lighting effects of choice for homeowners and businesses who desire to elegantly rethink the way they light their spaces without ever compromising on the quality. Installing these lights from now will denote that you save up to ninety percent on the running charge of the lighting, which, with huge scale installations like the ones utilized in clubs, pubs, hotels, and restaurants, is extremely significant.

What you’ll locate is that every diode on and the strip will make use of about a 10th of the power as the equivalent incandescent, which denotes you’ll be capable of running the lighting extremely affordably. They also last significantly longer, up to twenty times longer, in fact, with the standard lifetime of the LED being anywhere between thirty thousand to fifty thousand hours.

Take Measurements:

All these LED lights are actually made to measure. As such, it’s a great idea to measure the area in which you want to install them. It’ll make certain you get the correct length of these strips essential for your project.

Check Your Load:

Decide the power need of your lights. It’s an uneven figure, relying on the length of your light strip, the number of LED lights for each strip, and the LEDs’ size. The manufacturer ought to offer all the specs you require for assisting you in working out what kind of power source you will require. Always check the specs of your light controller.

Its controller can dictate the LED strip light’s performance it’s actually connected to. If you own a hundred W controller and the strip light can perform at five W per meter, then you will be capable of running twenty meters of that specific strip light on your single controller. If you require more, then you can make use of the amplifier for boosting the signal of your controller.


At times you may discover you need to cut the LED strips. Thankfully, if they’re the wrong size, you would not need to send them back. Such lights are completely customizable, and cutting these is extremely simple. They’ve little cutting points along the length, which can easily be cut with a pair of scissors, so as not to harm its circuit board. Always make certain that you cut these strips at the end away from its transformer. Once they’re cut, they’re all set to go!


These LED lights do not frequently require any mounting. You’ll locate that the majority of them come provided with three M best quality glue backing, which denotes these can easily be stuck straight down to the surface.

Hooking Up To The Power:

Such lights run straight off your main power through a twelve V transformer, similar to those you locate on the laptop chargers. It just steps the voltage down from the two hundred and forty V main power to twelve V for these LED strips. The manufacturer will offer you all the essential connector leads for getting it done, which usually comprises the wire length that connects these strips to its transformer and the power cable connecting its transformer to a socket. Always note how long its connector cables are before starting the project. If they are not long enough, you can always utilize the extension lead.