Garden Room Maintenance: 3 Top Tips


The longevity of your Garden Room depends on how well you maintain it. Your Garden Room will be more likely to be passed on through generations if you take care of it.

Modern Garden Rooms are gorgeous, hand-crafted, modern garden rooms gardens, garden offices, garden studios and custom-designed outdoor garden structures that are suitable to be used all year round. All over the UK. Over the years I have seen many forms of neglect and lost affection for these wonderful creatures. These top tips will help you preserve the magic of your Shedlife.


It doesn’t matter what external cladding you have, it is best to apply some type of treatment. To prevent the timber from splitting due UV damage, and, at best, to protect it from rot and fungi.

Gillies & Mackay Blackstone Garden Office Pod come clad with tanalised weatherboard. This means that they have been pre-treated with a pressure treat before we can apply the first coat. (You get to choose the colour). The weatherboard has been pre-tanalized and then a second coat of Sadolin was applied in the workshop. It doesn’t need to be treated again for several years.


Secondly: ventilate your Garden Room – let it breathe! It all comes down to the moisture.

It rains in Scotland…it rains and it rains, and it RAINS.

Blackstone Garden Rooms are fortunate to have 5 layers. Moisture passes through the exterior cladding but will evaporate in the breather cavity.

After you have taken care of your outside wall, ventilate your inside to let any moisture escape. This is especially important if you’ve been gone for a few days.

If you are going on holiday with someone who will look after your pets and plants, you should ask them to open the Garden Room as well. This will prevent moisture buildup and keep the building clean.

You can also use moisture extractors. These are small gel tablets that you can buy at any DIY or supermarket.


Last but not least, I know what it feels like. There are a million and one things we need to do and we push them into the next weekend. But small things can quickly become big issues if they aren’t taken care of.

A Garden Room is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It’s not normal!

Particularly if there’s a leak. Water damage can be irreversible so it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Windows and doors can expand, contract and move depending on the weather. It’s time for you to take action if your doors or windows become too large or too small for your needs. It’s best to keep them the same as they are. Weather dependent, it’s possible that they’ll change in a few weeks.

Re-roofing: Depending on the type of roofing you choose, there will come a time when you need to re-roof. It could be 20 years from now. When it becomes a job, this is not a problem. Make sure your roof is sturdy. Re-roofing is only recommended when it happens. If the roof is intact after 25 years, don’t disturb it.