Fashionable kitchen with a black kitchen hood in 5 inspirations

Home Improvement

The idea for a minimalist style kitchen

Minimalist kitchens with kitchen cabinets in one line is a solution that is decided by an increasing number of people arranging the kitchen. The Black built-in kitchen hood, made of elegant, stylish and easy-to-clean tempered glass, works perfectly in such a building. The simple and interesting design of the hood and glass kitchen splashback proves that aesthetics and design go hand in hand with functionality. Although it is hidden under the aesthetic line of cabinets, it does not lose any of its properties.

The idea for a modern style kitchen

Architectural concrete ideally suited to elegant kitchens in a gloss in a modern style. The project uses a unique hood made of bent tempered glass that perfectly corresponds to glass backsplash. Futuristic design has many useful functionalities. The hood becomes a decorative look that catches the eye. At the same time it combines well and refers color to the stone top of the kitchen island that is also a table and a washing zone. The modern style loves non-standard solutions, also in the form of equipment.

The idea for a small kitchen

The design of this kitchen proves that even small interiors can be arranged with style and idea. A bold combination of blue, white, gray and brick, perfectly harmonizes with natural wood and black elegant eaves of tempered glass on the splashbacks. The shiny surfaces optically enlarge the tight space and at the same time catch the eye. The design of a small kitchen has been equipped with appropriately selected lighting and a large window, thanks to which, despite its bold color scheme, it creates a bright and harmonious space for comfortable work.

The idea for a large kitchen

Classic decor and floor, timeless black, minimalist design, and modern accessories – seemingly things, whose characteristics do not allow for creating a consistent interior, in fact prove that bold combination of styles, colors and finishing elements allows to create a beautiful whole. Especially in a large kitchen. The design using a delicate and discreet hood that the raw space using the eclectic style gains cosiness and harmony. An interesting treatment here is the floor, which warms the classic furniture buildings with shiny fronts and glossy black splashback. The hood, which is often a strong point of arranging the kitchen, could destroy the proportions of the eclectic interior.

The idea for an open space in the block

Architectural concrete in an industrial open and bright kitchen is a perfect solution for those who value modern solutions and open spaces. The kitchen has a place for both natural wooden additions as well as timeless black and gray splashbacks. The complement and, at the same time, the icing on the cake, is an oblique eave made of tempered glass. Perfectly blends in with the stone table top and table in the same color. In an open area divided into zones, it is worth introducing elements that refer to each other, for example in a similar style or color. Thanks to this, the stylization will become coherent and unique harmony.