Embroidered patches ideas: which fabric to use?


Are you preparing some patches for the special occasion in your kid’s school? Or want to make the embroidery patch to hide the torn part of your shirt? Want to create yourself by taking embroidery patches ideas and want to make yourself?  Confused that which fabric can be helpful to create beautiful embroidery patches? It is important to choose the fabric that is convenient to handle therefore some commonly used material to do embroidery neatly are

Cotton fabric

It is most commonly used for preparing the patches with embroidery. The needle can easily pass inside outside and does not create the big holes. Try to choose the quilting cotton as compared to the heirloom cotton that is lighter in weight and cannot make firm structures. The cotton fabric can be handy for both hand or machine embroidery. You can make any design of your choice. Paste to draw the layout, embroidery it and cut it in the patch form.


The silk type fabric adds the charm to the patch when embroidered with the silk thread. The extra shine will make the patch fascinating. The threads can move easily horizontally and vertically thus providing the neatness to your product. Use different combinational threads and give a silk fabric an elegant appeal. Use the silk fabric patches in making hair bands, decorate the shirt pockets and much more.

Even silk patches add charm to sofa cushions, bed covers, and fancy shirts to give an alluring effect to your product.


It is another best source that you can sue for the embroidery purpose. Use the cotton or wool thread to make the pattern. Either you are using the pure wool or synthetic both are compatible for making the embroidery patches. It is strong and hard material and gives the firmness to your end product. The fabric does not allow to make the holes while taking needles in and out. Therefore, it is considered best for making embroidery badges with a variety of designs.

Embroidered things are excellent handicrafts. If you are going to prepare some durable patch for your daughter’s hairband or want to decorate your shirt then try to choose any one of these durable materials. Don’t use very thin fabric that may not only difficult to handle but also not give neatness to your patch. Choose the best combination with your fabric to create innovative embroidered patterns.