Commercial Greenhouses: The Essential Features

A high-quality greenhouse is essential for anyone who wants to create commercial greenhouses. For this space to be durable and assembled, it is necessary to hire professional construction and design services. This space will require the owner or designer to think about everything, from rolling benches to flooring to overhead lighting. Are you ready to build a commercial greenhouse for growing your business? success has been built on our reputation as reliable and trustworthy, as well as having a vast in-depth knowledge of construction. Patco Construction has been in the business for more than 35 years, which is a record that few general contractors can match. Our construction firm offers design-build services that include: planning design, designing, preconstruction engineering , and construction until completion. Each project is a unique problem, and each one has its own unique demands and obstacles. We’re sure that you’ll be able to find a trustworthy guide on the building project you are working on.

How to create a commercial greenhouse

Commercial greenhouses offer a variety of growing technologies and infrastructure, making it easier to manage plant health, temperature, humidity, and other aspects. With professional installation and project management, all these arrangements are possible. Your location’s humidity, the amount of sunlight you get each year, as well as the outside temperature should all be considered when designing the space. This will ensure that your plants thrive throughout the year. These are some of the most important components of a growing space.

Rolling Benches

The rollable grow benches are an important feature of a commercial greenhouse. They directly increase the greenhouse’s value. Rolling benches allow for more plants to fit in a single space. There is no need to have a fixed aisle between each bench. Rolling benches with high-resilience plastic frames are made from steel. Rollers beneath the bench should not be allowed to contact the main tray or the plant will not be supported properly.

Humidity Control Systems

Measurement and humidity control systems can help keep your plants healthy, and make your indoor environment more resistant to dry climates. Although humidity control systems are required for all commercial greenhouses, they’re especially important for California, New Mexico, Colorado and California where humidity levels are naturally low. The humidity level in your space should be between 40 and 50% for cannabis plants. These levels can change depending on the stage of your cannabis plants’ harvesting cycle.

Insulated Panels

Insulated metal walls panels for grow rooms are essential in controlling the temperature and humidity. Insulation improves heating and cooling efficiency, while steel or other surfaces prevent bacteria buildup. For laying the foundation for your entire space, you will need the right metal panels for your greenhouse.

Grow lights

Most commercial growers use overhead grid patterns for lightning. This ensures even distribution of light within the space, regardless how many plants are being used. There are a few things you should consider when choosing lights for your greenhouse. The first is to check the energy efficiency. An LED grow light will perform significantly better than an incandescent option.