What Career Would Fit Me Best? How Many Times Have You Been Asked This Question?

Career Style

How many times have you asked yourself this question or been asked by a students, your own child or a friend? It is a common question, and a good one.

Research shows that the match between your job and your personality plays a major role in your job satisfaction and success. From the moment you leave school your job and career will be the topic you most talked about so it’s vital that you are in a job you enjoy and that matches the person you are.

Students do not learn in isolation. To acquire knowledge, they need the guidance of parents and the inspiration of teachers.

Parents have the greatest influence on the career choices their children make. Often parents will pre-select a career that they think best suits their child. Some want to relive the choices they made or did not make, by transferring these to their children. Parents need help to understand who their children are and where they can best succeed in life by using their natural gifts and talents.

Great careers do not simply happen. That is why it is important for your child to make career plans. Parents are the best people to ensure that your child is making wise career choices.

Teachers spend more time with children than do parents and influence students significantly. A teacher that connects with students provides inspiration and knowledge. Too often students may dislike a subject because they cannot relate to the teacher.

Career Advisers provide a vital service assisting students in their career path and in their transition from school. Career Advisers often find themselves acting as mediators between parent and child in important discussions in relation to the students future career, subject choices and educational options.

Most Careers Advisers base their recommendations on subjects the student excels at, interviews with the student and common sense.However students need help choose a career that matches their natural gifts and talents.

The four key participants in a student’s career decision are:

  • Careers Advisers
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Teachers

By advising students on their best subject career choices and cross matching their personality to career options, the Careers Adviser can offer advice more confidently.

Career Advisers need a tool that will help them:

  • Understand their students better
  • Determine best career options based on students natural gifts and talents
  • Provide independent assessment of the students behavioural traits
  • Encourage students to consider a wider variety of career choices
  • Provide alternative career pathways
  • Encourage students to focus on their strengths
  • Provide Parents with independent advice based on profile outcomes