Best Architectural Lighting Designers:

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Architectural Lighting Design or ALD is an art perfected by only a handful in the world. It helps to enhance the overall elegance of any structure. A perfect ALD makes use of both natural and artificial light sources. It also helps in achieving maximum illumination while using the minimum amount of energy.

Are you looking to transform your building into something spectacular? has the solution to all your problems. They are known to provide the bestarchitectural lighting service that is both budget-friendly as well as efficient. They even manufacture many lighting products. Any project completed by PUK is sure to catch the eyes of every spectator.


PUK is one of the oldest and most reliable AL designers in the industry.ALD has been PUK’s family business for many decades. They started Architectural Lighting Designing back in the 1960s and have only worked to perfect it ever since.


PUK combines the Italian flair and top-notch technologies with their brilliant ideas to create the perfect ALD. They use only premium-quality materials that ensure durability and reliability. PUK aims to spread this legacy all over the world.

PUK produces all kinds of lighting products for you. Their products can be categorized as:

  • LED floodlights
  • In-ground light
  • Underwater LED lights
  • Bollard lights
  • Urban lights
  • Wall mounting and wall-recessed luminaires
  • LED downlights

LED floodlights:

Floodlights are used to illuminate outdoor areas such as grounds, gardens, and playing areas. A good floodlight must provide reliable lighting while remaining good for the eyes. Most of the time, floodlights produce high-intensity beams that are not at all aesthetic.Thefloodlights produced by PUK can be easily installed on walls as well asentrances.

Inground light:

The in-ground lights are perfect for illuminating the premises of both commercials as well residential buildings. These lights can be installed easily without disturbing the architectural elements such as tiles, paths, or even around sculptures. PUK’s variety of in-ground linear lighting solutions and ground-recessed luminaires are suitable for all kinds of uses. They are fully waterproof and highly durable. The radius of light emitted by these LEDs is greater than average. Thus, a single LED is enough for illuminating a larger area.

Underwater LED lights:

These lights are best suitable for use in swimming pools and fountains. PUK produces a large variety of LED underwater lights. These lights can serve your illuminating needs perfectly. There are three categories of Underwater lights to choose from:

·        In-ground pool lights

·        wall-recessed luminaires

·        Flexible LED strips

These lights can be used for any outdoor lighting project regardless of its scale. All these lights are very easy to install and come with simple instructions. You can even install these lights without requiring any assistance.These lights come in many color variants as well. These high-quality will greatly increase the look and beauty of your pool or fountain.

Wall mounting and wall-recessed luminaires

These lights are best suitable for lighting up boundary walls of the building. PUK manufactures the highest quality luminaires available in the market. These LEDs are the permanent solution to your outdoor lighting needs because they require no service or maintenance after installation.


If you want to get the best Architectural Lighting, you should visit PUK Architectural Lighting or their stores.  They are known to provide the best service at a very reasonable price. Their products are very durable and easy to install.