9 reasons patients don’t obey doctors’ orders


Nearly one-third of Americans choose to disregard their doctors’ orders and not fill their prescriptions at the pharmacy. Non-adherence to medication causes approximately 125,000 deaths annually and is a major cost to the healthcare system. The healthcare system could save $100-300 billion if patients followed their medication instructions. It wouldn’t have the burden of paying for conditions and ailments that could have been prevented by proper medication regimens. Canada Drugs Direct is an online pharmacy that offers delivery via mail. We will help you locate the right medicine for you, and we will deliver it as fast and efficiently as is possible.

  1. It is too costly

This is a valid reason that many people have to avoid prescription medication in today’s changing healthcare environment. However, the cost of not taking prescription medication can be more costly than buying them. This issue is often solved with a simple conversation between your pharmacist and doctor. Generic alternatives may be just as effective.

  1. You forgot to take your pills

It can be difficult to incorporate a new routine in your life, especially if you are taking medication for the first time. To keep track of your prescriptions and to see them, you might use a traditional pillbox. People like to set alarms so they remind themselves to take their medication. There are apps and digital pillboxes that can help you know when your medication is due.

  1. Let your personal opinions guide and direct you

Patients have shared that they were influenced by the “in your face,” pharmaceutical ads and decided to stop adhering to medication. Some people stop taking their medication because they don’t feel they need it. They may also disagree with prescriptions. These types of mentalities can be very deeply rooted. Talking with your doctor about alternative ways to manage your health can be extremely valuable.

  1. The purpose of the pills is not understood

Are you finding that you are not a good steward of your medication? Ask your doctor before you leave your appointment to discuss why this drug was prescribed and how it can help you. When you fill your prescription, a pharmacist can provide education to patients. A complete medication review can be requested to learn how the new medication works and how it interacts with your existing medications.

  1. It can be difficult to find a pharmacy.

Patients may find it difficult to fill their prescriptions due to disabilities or lack of transportation. Research has shown that mail-order pharmacies can be a great way to ensure medication compliance, even when access is difficult.

  1. Side effects can be unpleasant

Side effects can be severe enough to disrupt your day. Your doctor may be able to suggest a different medication with less severe side effects than you are considering. Sometimes, a lifestyle change or diet can help reduce discomfort.

  1. It’s embarrassing to take your pills

There seems to be a stigma associated with “popping pills”, and many people feel uncomfortable knowing that they are taking prescription drugs. This could be a reason to not comply with your doctor’s orders.

  1. First, you should try a natural alternative.

There are some advantages to alternative methods of patient care. However, it is important that you always consult your doctor before using any supplement instead of the prescribed medication.

  1. You feel better and don’t think you need it.

This approach can be dangerous as it can lead to serious health problems. Research has shown that chronic conditions can be caused by patients who don’t complete their prescribed treatment. Patients may experience symptoms returning and worsening, as well effects on other areas of the body that are not related to their illness or disease.