8 Charming Teacup Gardens You’ll Want in Every Room of Your House


A cup of tea is a lovely way to spend an afternoon, but taking on a teacup project can be just as enjoyable. Perhaps you have stray cups begging to be used. Or maybe you’re a fan of flea markets, where vintage china is yours for the taking. Either way, these pretty projects are a recipe for fun. A container garden, bouquet of roses, pot of herbs or daisy topiary are clever ways to give your home a lift. So take time for creativity and savor the pleasure for months to come.


Perfect to give as a gift on Mother’s Day, these magical fairy gardens are too cute not to showcase. Place some pebbles in the bottom of a colorful teacup and add some soil so that your mini succulents and greenery can thrive. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a landscape artist, these fairy wonderlands will look adorable no matter what!

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Revamp vintage teacups with this easy maintenance DIY idea involving cacti. All you need are small pebbles, cactus soil and decorative aquarium rocks to complete the earthy vibe.

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Even in the cold winter months you can have a beautiful mini garden on display. Fill a round tray with spring green moss and cover your pink primroses tucked neatly in a flowery teacup (or whichever bloom you choose) with a standout glass cloche.

Get the tutorial at Cottage at the Crossroads.


If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own herb garden, now’s your chance. Just dust off some old teacups, drill a small hole in the bottom of each one and voila! Your herbs will be looking—and smelling—pretty in no time.

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Life imitates art, and sweetly so. Start with a rose-patterned china cup and a bouquet of roses to match. Soak a foam brick in water for 30 minutes, cut it to fit neatly into a teacup, clip rose stems slightly shorter than teacup height and insert stems in foam, starting around the perimeter and moving toward the center.

A dash of dirt and a handful of succulents is all you need to create a tabletop garden. Using a ceramic drill bit, drill a small hole in the bottom of a polka-dot mug (this can also be done at a hardware store), add a layer of small pebbles to allow for drainage, then fill with potting soil. Select three to four succulents; mix greens and reds for extra color.
A sunny topiary with real daisies brightens a mantel, or if you use faux flowers it’ll bring cheer all year. Insert a long stick or ribbon-wrapped dowel into the bottom of the daisy-covered ball and stake it in a yellow mug filled with floral foam. Cover the foam with tufts of Spanish moss.
Making your own windowsill garden is easy: Slip a small potted plant into a gold lattice-trim cup and tuck moss around the top. Fragrant herbs have a two-in-one bonus—they’ll keep your kitchen smelling fresh and can be used as a quick food or drink garnish. For drainage, use a ceramic drill bit to drill a small hole in the bottom of the cup.