5 very convenient small storage ideas for small apartments

Home Improvement

The great advantage of a small apartment is the atmosphere of warmth and coziness it contains. It can also be more cost-effective if you live alone. However, it can be difficult to manage space in a place that in which room is spare. 

You do not have to resign yourself to a messy, over-cluttered apartment in which things are haphazardly stuffed wherever they will fit. Nor do you have to live like a monk with hardly any of the possessions that you love. The key is to devise a storage strategy that allows you to pack goods that have been acquired in a rich and varied life into a very small apartment. 

Following these storage ideas for small apartments can give you the flexibility you need to make a workable living arrangement. 

A secret cabinet

All you need for a functional living room coffee table is a long, flat, stable surface. Instead of purchasing a separate table you can refurbish or modify a vintage trunk for the purpose. A number of specialty stores sell combination nicely crafted trunk-table combinations, but you can fashion your own by laying a smoothed down piece of wood on top of that trunk you do not know where to put. 

Under the bed

You cannot afford to waste space—especially space that is hidden or out of the way. There is probably more room than you think to put trunks, boxes, and containers under your bed. Investing in under-bed storage is a great way to tidy up your apartment and maintain easy access to the stuff you need regularly. 

Make your kitchen count

There is plenty of space in your kitchen that is not occupied by appliances. You can make the most of it by adding ceiling hooks, wall hooks, and side bars for the hanging of pots and pans, ladles mixing bowls and other utensils. A rolling cart that acts both as a storage unit and a cutting and chopping board is also a great investment. 

Reinventing your bathroom

Small apartments usually have very small bathrooms. However, you should not allow a single inch of this space to be wasted. You may have already economized the space in your bathroom by installing a compact shower. There is still more space to be reclaimed on the walls. Having shelves installed on your walls will allow you to store not only you toiletries, but other items in the house. 

An impermanent office

You may not have space in your apartment to establish a proper office. But if you are like post professionals you will need to work at home from time to time. This is easily done by obtaining a comfortable chair that can be folded or somehow disassembled when not in use. You can designate your dining room table as the surface on which it is best to work. Laying down a mat so that it is not scuffed by the bottom of your laptop is a good idea. Another option is to purchase a cushioned portable laptop counter that will allow you to work comfortably on the couch.

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