5 Tips to Finding the Perfect Commercial Wallpaper on a Budget

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Today’s commercial wallpapers have come a long way in terms of quality, performance, and availability of designs. With the many advances that have taken place in the production of commercial wallpapers, prices have also continued to follow this upward trend. That being said, there are still many quality commercial wallcovering options for the contractor and interior designer operating on a budget.

Below are five tips on how to find budget-friendly commercial wallpapers that will have both your commercial space and bank account looking great.

Look for Clean and Simple Collections

Having simple wall surfaces in your commercial space is a great design strategy that allows for the decor and furnishings of a project to do the talking instead of the commercial wallpaper. This “less is more” philosophy is the inspiration behind Koroseal’s BASIC collection, for example, as these graceful commercial wallcoverings can add a soft and clean atmosphere to commercial office spaces. These types of basic collections are offered by many brands in the industry and usually run at the lower end of the price spectrum of commercial wallpapers since they usually don’t feature intricate designs, heavy textures or high ticket designer names.

Consider Using Discontinued Designs

Just because a commercial wallcovering is being removed from a manufacturer’s catalog does not mean that it’s a bad product. More often than not, these discontinued designs are simply being replaced with a slight change or update to the original product. Huge savings can be had when using discontinued commercial wallpaper designs that still allow the walls within any space to shine. These discontinued products often go on sale at a considerable discount which can be especially important when trying to keep your budget in check when designing large commercial spaces including hotels and corporate offices.

Check out Designs Marked for Clearance

Taking the time to look into the clearance marked commercial wallpapers is another great way to keep your project budget in check as an architect, contractor or interior designer. Products marked on clearance are often the last remaining stock of very popular products which means that you will still be receiving a quality commercial wallcovering, just at a very nice price. These bargain buys can help save you a considerable amount of budget compared to buying products at regular prices while still maintaining comparable quality and style.

Stick to Big Commercial Brands

The largest brands in commercial interior products are often able to list their designs with the best prices in the industry because of their market share, manufacturing costs and cost leadership. Market leaders like Seabrook and Koroseal are able to offer their products at the most competitive prices compared to smaller commercial interior supply companies and can therefore pass on the savings to their customers. By using these well established and reputable branded commercial wallcoverings, you can be sure that you’re receiving a quality wallpaper at the best possible price.

Avoid Expensive Designer Collections

While designer commercial wallpaper collections offer outstanding artistic designs and craftsmanship in their designs, their significant price tags often reflect these specialty works of art that are unique to the designer. Commercial wallpaper collections from major brands like Calvin Klein, Versace and Gucci usually fall under this category. If you’re trying to keep your overall project spend low, it’s best to look to designs by brands like Arte that look high end like that of Sondra Alexander.

Whether you’re an interior designer, contractor or architect, you’ve likely been subjected to strict budgets for projects that may limit your wallcovering design options. And while finding commercial wallpapers that fit your tight budget may not always be easy, if you follow the tips provided here, you’ll be able to find an excellent commercial wallpaper for your space that won’t break the bank.