4 Reasons Why Natural and Skincare Products Are Better for You


Do you know that your skin is the largest, living, and breathing organ in your body? And yes, the skin absorbs at least 60 percent of what you apply to it. And the absorbed material goes into your bloodstream thus circulating your body.

For this reason, you only need to apply skincare products that are best for your skin.  Non-organic skin care products contain a lot of chemicals and toxins that you are not even aware of. Now imagine the type of harm you’re exposing your body to by using these toxic products?

Here are the main reasons why you should switch to organic skincare products.

  1. Better for Your Skin

Do you read the labels on the skincare products you use daily? Have you seen or noticed any unpronounceable ingredients? The truth is, the origin and safety of these ingredients are disputable.

Some of these harmful ingredients include sodium Laureth sulfate, which destroys the natural skin lipid barrier leaving it rough and prone to irritation.

Well, organic products are made with all-natural ingredients. Therefore, if a skincare product is certified organic, you can be sure that it is completely free of compounds or substances with questionable safety standards.

  1. Better for Your Health

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, parabens, and phthalates, are the most common substances in conventional skincare products. These substances have been linked to type-II diabetes and cancer. That’s not all, these substances are known to wreak havoc on your endocrine, reproductive and immune systems. Therefore, the more you use these products, the higher toxic concentrations enter and accumulate in your body resulting in health problems down the line.

The only way out of the looming health challenges is by shifting to organic skincare products.

  1. Helps Preserve the Planet’s Health

Yes, buying an organic product decreases the production of chemically-laden products in the market. Therefore, the amount of toxic ingredients washing down the drain and disrupting our delicate ecosystem reduces.

Yes, keeping some ingredients and chemicals out of nature is an initiative that consumers and manufacturers should adopt. You can do this by buying skincare products from companies that source their ingredients from renewable resources ethically and responsibly. In doing so, you’re not only doing wonders for your skin or internal health but also making a positive impact on the planet.

  1. Organic Products Are Non-allergic

Without harsh chemicals, organic skincare products will not cause irritations, inflammations, and allergic reactions. If there’s an allergic reaction, it is due to the natural ingredient therein like strawberries or peanuts, which are easier to identify. Therefore, people with sensitive skin can also use the products on their faces. Be sure to get the products from a reputable from reputed organic skincare.


No matter your skin type, dry, oily, or combination, thoughtful product selection has a dynamic impact on your health. Yes, not just the skin health, but overall health. Therefore, make an effort to swap your products out for organic skincare products to discover just how positive your skin and body react to the change.