14 Moving Tips for Your Peace of Mind


You’re getting ready to move! That means you’re about to embark on a whirlwind, one that may have you questioning at times your decision to move in the first place. Anxiety often accompanies moves, therefore it is important for you to embrace ways to help keep your peace of mind.

  1. Create a priority bin. There is always something you’ll need first when you arrive at your new place. Trouble is, it can be hard to find what you need in a sea of boxes. You can solve this problem by using a clear container, such as a 18-gallon bin to hold these items. Instruct the moving company foreman to leave the bin in a specific place in your home advises Allied Moving Services.
  1. Develop a labeling system. Label each and every box with color labels. Each label should be coordinated with the room it will be placed in your new home. For example, the pink-labeled boxes might represent your daughter’s room.
  1. Photograph your electronics. Take photographs of your electronics to recall how each one is connected. You’ll save hours of frustration when it comes time to reconnect.
  1. Takes photos of your rental space. If you rented your current space, take photos of the unit when it has been emptied. That way, if the landlord points out a particular problem, you can show proof that you left the place looking spotless.
  1. Sell what you don’t need. The smaller the amount of items to move, the lower your moving costs. Hard a yard sale or place your more expensive items on Craigslist weeks before you make your move.
  1. Make your containers work for you. Simplify your move by making use of every type of container in your home, including the laundry bin and hamper. Suitcases can also hold items that otherwise would have been placed in a box.
  1. Pack your plates vertically. There is a good chance something will break en route to your new home. So, place your valuable plates in boxes vertically with ample padding between each one. They’ll be less likely to break.
  1. Pack an overnight bag. When moving, each person in your family will need an overnight bag. Fill each bag with those essentials you must have on hand while you make this transition.
  1. Don’t forget to change your address. Send in your change of address to the post office about 30 days prior to your move. Notify your creditors, family and friends too.
  1. Consider shipping ahead some items. You can reduce your moving costs by shipping some items separately. The US Post Office has media shipping for books and Greyhound bus lines also provides shipping.
  1. Protect your stemware. Expensive stemware is prone to breaking when shipping. You can protect your glassware by packing them in your clean socks before carefully placing them in boxes with lots of padding.
  1. Give away your food. Most food items won’t go with you. Instead, provide them for your friends who help you pack and move.
  1. Use sealable sandwich bags. Your box of sealable sandwich bags are perfect for holding small items. Label each bag and then tape them to the corresponding item that each one goes with.
  1. Clean your new home before you move in. If possible, clean your new home before the movers arrive. Even if your trip takes you clear across the country, you may arrive at your new home a few days before the moving van shows up. Use this time to whip your home into shape.

Make Your Move

The better you are organized, the more likely you will get through the move with your peace of mind intact. Definitely, stress is part of the equation, but you can meet each challenge head on and with confidence.